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International Journal, numéro spécial dirigé par Gordon Mace et Jean-Philippe Thérien

Canada and the Americas. Making a difference?

Un numéro spécial de l'International Journal sur la politique canadienne pour les Amériques vient de paraître sous la direction de Gordon Mace et Jean-Philippe Thérien.


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Table des matières

Editors’ introduction by David G. Haglund & Joseph T. Jockel

Canada and the Americas: Making a difference? by Gordon Mace & Jean-Philippe Thérien

Wishful thinking: Democracy promotion in the Americas under Harper by Thomas Legler

Canada and the security of the Americas: Between old threats and new challenges by Gordon Mace, Jean-Philippe Thérien, & Stefan Gagné

Reducing poverty and inequality in Latin America: What role for Canada? by Chantal Blouin, Dorotea Lopez Giral, & Aniket Bhushan

Canada and the inter-American human rights system: Time to become a full player by Bernard Duhaime

The special case of Cuba by Lana Wylie

Canada’s engagement with the Americas in comparative perspective: Between declaratory thickness and operational thinness by Andrew F. Cooper

Canadian and US approaches towards the Americas: Similarities and differences by Jean-Michel Lacroix

Over the transom

Canada’s entry in the OAS: Change and continuity in Canadian identity by Laurence Cros

Spoiler and enabler: The role of ballistic-missile defense in nuclear abolition by Martin Senn

Canada and the Arctic Council by Andrea Charron


US elections and the Canadian economy: Is a Republican in the White House really what’s best for Canada’s economy? by Pierre Martin

The lessons of history

Canada, NORAD, and the evolution of strategic defence by David S. McDonough

Blasts from the past

In North American security, is the past prologue? A retrospective look at John MacCormac’s Canada: America’s Problem by David G. Haglund

Coming attractions

Beyond the “golly-gee” stage: The inspiration of academics who study Arctic sovereignty by Andrew Chater


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